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  1. How are online survey responses submitted securely when the link to the online survey only has HTTP:// in the prefix?

  2. How does making a change to an existing online survey effect the URL (web link)?

  3. How to assign an Ultimate subscription to a brand new team user

  4. How to cancel a SurveyGold Standard or Premium subscription

  5. How to cancel a SurveyGold Ultimate subscription

  6. How to clear browser temporary files

  7. How to compare responses from one set of respondents to another

  8. How to conduct a survey

  9. How to create a open-ended, fill-in-the-blank question

  10. How to create a ranking question

  11. How to create Likert scale questions

  12. How to delete all responses from a survey

  13. How to display survey results in a tabular format

  14. How to find the link (URL) to an existing online survey

  15. How to get a SurveyGold application update

  16. How to get an MSI version of the SurveyGold application setup program

  17. How to locate the SurveyGold database file

  18. How to make a backup copy of the SurveyGold database file

  19. How to make characters bold in question text

  20. How to move or reorder a section or question

  21. How to move the SurveyGold application and data to a different computer

  22. How to print survey results

  23. How to prohibit a respondent from submitting more than one set of responses

  24. How To Refund Sales Tax from Your Order

  25. How to remove an online survey from the SurveyGold website

  26. How to remove question numbers from an online survey form

  27. How to remove SurveyGold brand references from an online survey form

  28. How to renew a SurveyGold Standard or Premium subscription

  29. How to renew a SurveyGold Ultimate subscription

  30. How to reuse a survey

  31. How to save a report to a PDF file

  32. How to update the credit card used for an existing subscription

  33. Message: Product disabled

  34. Message: You have already submitted responses to this questionnaire. Only your original responses will be included in the results.

  35. Message: Your computer must be online to perform this action.

  36. Problem: Error occurs when saving a survey or results to Microsoft Word

  37. Problem: Graphs do not appear in Word document

  38. Problem: MDAC error while installing

  39. Problem: Microsoft Word Features Do Not Function Even Though Word Is Installed

  40. Problem: Radio buttons or checkboxes appearing instead of dropdown menu

  41. Problem: Restored or moved database results in missing data

  42. Problem: Revisions to an existing online survey form do not appear

  43. Problem: Save cross-tab to Excel results in weird column names

  44. Problem: Survey Templates folder is missing

  45. Problem: Unable to activate or renew a SurveyGold subscription or register a SurveyGold application

  46. Problem: Unable to collect responses when performing the Update Activity action

  47. Problem: Unable to download the SurveyGold application from

  48. Problem: Unable to save survey as an online survey form due to communications issue

  49. Problem: Unable to save to Excel file when performing Convert Responses action

  50. Problem: Unable to update SurveyGold

  51. Purchase Order Guidelines

  52. Tutorials

  53. Understanding the Online Survey Response Date and Time

  54. User Guide

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