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How to delete all responses from a survey

The most straightforward way to do this is to remove respondents from the survey. Removing a respondent from a survey deletes any responses provided by that respondent for that survey. 

Delete One Respondent at a Time
You can remove respondents one at a time from a survey:
  1. In Conduct Survey, select the survey you wish to clear of respondents
  2. Select the respondent you want to delete
  3. Perform the Remove Respondent action
This removes the selected respondent and related responses from the survey and SurveyGold application. Repeat these steps as desired to remove additional respondents.

Delete All Respondents at One Time
You can remove all respondents at once from a survey. This action is irreversible, so proceed with caution:
  1. In Setup Survey, select your survey
  2. Perform the Properties action via the button bar to open the survey properties sheet
  3. Select the second tab in the question properties sheet
  4. Click the first respondent in the list on the right to select it
  5. Select the remaining respondents in the list on the right as follow: Scroll to the bottom of the list, hold down the SHIFT key and click the last respondent in the list
  6. Continue to hold down the SHIFT key, drag all of the respondents from the rightmost list and drop them on the leftmost list
  7. Select OK to close the survey properties sheet
Note: If you have a large set of respondents to remove (hundreds or thousands), this action can take some time to complete after selecting OK. So, be patient.

This removes all existing respondents and their related responses from the survey and SurveyGold application which allows you to start with a blank slate.

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