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Problem: MDAC error while installing

SurveyGold uses a feature of the Microsoft Windows operating system called Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). The vast majority of computers using Microsoft Windows already have the latest version of MDAC installed and updated with Windows Automatic Updates. 

However, when installing the SurveyGold software on a new computer or newer versions of Windows operating systems, if your computer does not already have a latest version of (MDAC) SurveyGold software installation routine will attempt to install it for you.

If you get an error suggesting that a version of MDAC supplied with the installation (MDAC2.7Sp1 or MDAC2.8, etc) cannot be installed on this machine, you can resolve this by downloading and installing the latest MDAC version for free directly from Microsoft website.

Once you have installed MDAC on your computer, you can install the SurveyGold software.

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