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How to display survey results in a tabular format

In Analyze Results, SurveyGold creates pie charts when the displayed question has pre-specified response choices. In contrast, if the question is a fill-in-the-blank type of question (e.g., no pre-specified response choices), then SurveyGold presents the responses individually in a tabular list. However, it does not summarize. For example, if ten respondents said "I like school." as a response, then "I like school." appears ten times in the tabular list.

In Analyze Results, the "List Responses" action creates a concise summary of the responses provided to each question. You can print this report by right-clicking and selecting the Print item from the popup menu. The  "Publish Word" which creates a professionally-formatted report and opens it in Microsoft Word. In the "Specify your publishing preferences." field, you can select "Tabular listing of results" and word will produce a summarized tabular list of the responses (using a frequency count as opposed to a redundant list of the same responses) provided to each question.

Another action that is available in Analyze Results is the "Convert Responses" action which provides the ability to convert responses into Excel, SPSS, comma-separated value (CSV) text, data interchange format (DIF) and XML file formats. You can easily export all of the responses to Excel format where you can manipulate the results with Excel or another third-party data analysis product. Using PivotCharts and PivotTables in Excel is highly recommend. They are very easy to create and can provide interesting cross-tabulations of the data. 

The "Create Banner Tabulation" action in Analyze Results produces a set of cross-tab charts for each and every question compared to the banner question.

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