Problem: Unable to save to Excel file when performing Convert Responses action

Try changing the default Excel file format in the application preferences:
  1. Select Help in the SurveyGold application.
  2. Select Change Application Preferences.
  3. In the Features tab, locate the Microsoft Excel setting and change the default file format to .xlsx.
  4. Select OK to save your preference.
Try performing the Convert Responses action again. If it doesn't work, then try repeating the process and changing the default file format to .xls to see if this helps.

On rare occasion, Excel has issues with converting some online survey responses into Excel format because the respondent pasted/entered unprintable characters into the online survey form response field. While the online survey form has no issue processing those characters, Excel is less forgiving.

One way to try to resolve this is to do the following:
  1. In Analyze Results, perform the Convert Responses action and select the Text data format. Make note of where you save the file.
  2. Then, open Excel and perform the File-->Open action. In the bottom right-hand side of the Open dialog, change the file type from "All Excel Files" to "Text Files". Then navigate to the folder to open the file you created in step 1.

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