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How to make characters bold in question text

Regarding making a particular text bold, the SurveyGold online survey form provides the ability to include HTML tags in the survey question text and instructions. In the following example, wrapping the specific text with the HTML <b> and </b> tags makes the text bold when rendered in the online survey form:

This is <b>bold text</b>.

The good news is that this causes the text to display as bold text in an online survey form.

That bad news is that this will cause reports to display the HTML in the question text by default.

In other words, when using reports in SurveyGold, the reports display the question text including the <b> and </b> tags. This is not desirable.

Therefore, when using the aforementioned <b> and </b> tags in question test, we recommend that you access the  "Chart Title" tab in the question properties sheet to specify the question text that you want to appear in reports and when viewing results. This value is typically the same question text without the <b> and </b> tags.

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