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Message: Product disabled

The "product disabled" message appears when you begin to purchase a subscription renewal. 

Why This Happens
Effective January 2019, FastSpring became our exclusive e-commerce partner. Consequently, we disabled our product order forms associated with our former e-commerce partner, SWREG.

When you use an older release of SurveyGold (with a release date of prior to January 2019) the "product disabled" message appears because the application is attempting to access a retired SWREG order form.

How To Resolve This Issue
To resolve this, perform a software update as follows:
  1. In the SurveyGold application, select About
  2. Perform the Update SurveyGold Subscription action
Performing this action will not affect your existing data in any way. It will update your application to use the FastSpring order form when purchasing a subscription renewal. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Subscription pricing information is available via this link.

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