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How to save a report to a PDF file

You can print any report via Analyze Results as follows:

Install a PDF Printer Driver
Install and install a free PDF printer driver on your computer. A PDF printer driver provides the ability to create a PDF file from any program that is able to print.

We recommend using PDFCreator if you do not already have a PDF printer driver because it is free, safe to use and actively supported by its provider. 
Print Your SurveyGold Report Using the PDF Printer Driver
After installing the PDFCreator PDF printer driver, you can use it to create PDF files from most of the SurveyGold reports available in 
Analyze Results. Here is an example of how to perform the List Results action:
  1. In Analyze Results, select your survey and perform the List Results action. This produces a report that is view-able via the SurveyGold application.
  2. Perform the Print Setup action via the button bar.
  3. Select the PDF printer driver (PDFCreator) from the list of printers and select OK. This instructs Windows to use the PDF printer driver when printing from the SurveyGold application.
  4. Perform the Print action from the button bar. Follow the instructions for naming and saving your PDF file.

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