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How to remove SurveyGold brand references from an online survey form

All references to SurveyGold brand elements can be removed so that the entire online survey user experience is completed without the respondent seeing any reference to the SurveyGold product name.

Guidance for doing this is provided in this brief video tutorial.

Here is a summary of the content contained in the video guidance:
  • The reference to SurveyGold can be easily removed from an online survey form via an HTML editor. Simply save your online survey form file to your computer. Then open the file in the HTML editor of your choice and remove the link.
  • Regarding the response page, the "Advanced" button in the "Create Online Survey Form" window allows you to specify the address of custom response page that is presented to the online survey respondent immediately after they click the Submit Your Responses button in the online survey form. You can create this custom "thank you" web page using an HTML editor and copying it on your website so that it can be accessed.

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