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Problem: Microsoft Word Features Do Not Function Even Though Word Is Installed

The root cause of this issue is that Microsoft now provides two ways to install Word (and other Office products) on to a Windows computer:
  • A) Click-To-Run (C2R)
    This way makes it possible for a user to easily launch and use the Word application.
  • B) Microsoft Installer (MSI)
    This other way makes it possible for an end user AND any other application program (like SurveyGold) to launch and use the Word application. 
This issue occurs for users who have used C2R to install Word.

The resolution to this issue is to uninstall Word and/or Office, as appropriate, via Windows Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs. Then download and install the complete MSI Office from the Microsoft website. Here is some recently published guidance from Microsoft to help you install Office via the Microsoft Installer (MSI) approach. Doing this will resolve your issue.

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