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Problem: Graphs do not appear in Word document

You perform the Publish Word action and graphs do not appear in the resulting Word document. Here is a list of possible root causes and what to do about them.

POSSIBLE ROOT CAUSE #1: Action Settings

Be sure that you specify Graphical chart of results as follows:

POSSIBLE ROOT CAUSE #2: Questions without Response Choices

Keep in mind that it is normal for SurveyGold to produce graphs only for questions with response choices. So, if your question is a fill-in-the-blank style question, it is normal for a tabular presentation of responses to occur instead of a graph.

POSSIBLE ROOT CAUSE #3: Folder Security

If you are in an institutional setting where your computer is managed by information technology staff, then it is possible the security settings of your institution to prevent SurveyGold from producing graphs properly. 

To resolve this situation, consider saving your document to a different folder location. We suggest using the My SurveyGold Data\WordReports folder in your Documents folder. This typically has appropriate privileges necessary for SurveyGold to properly produce graphs.

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