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How to renew a SurveyGold Standard or Premium subscription

Automatic Renewal: Pay Using Bank Card
If you purchased a SurveyGold Standard or Premium subscription using a debit or credit card, the subscription renews automatically as follows:

  1. A week or so before your subscription expires, you will receive an email notification from our e-commerce partner indicating that your subscription is set to renew automatically as of a particular date specified in the email. This email notification provides you the option to cancel your subscription prior to using your payment card to process the subscription renewal.

  2. To renew your subscription, do not take any action when you receive the email notification. Your payment card on record with our e-commerce partner will be used to process the renewal on the date specified in the email.
Manual Renewal: Pay Using Check
If you purchased your Standard or Premium SurveyGold subscription using a check:
  1. To renew your subscription within 90 days of the expiration date or any time after the expiration date, follow the guidance.

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