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How to assign an Ultimate subscription to a brand new team user

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how a Team Manager can assign an Ultimate subscription to a brand new user:
  1. Login to the SurveyGold Team Portal using the user name and password provided by Golden Hills Software.
  2. In the Licensed SurveyGold Software Users section, click Add New User.
  3. When the new user row appears:
    - Replace "_New" with the new user's full name
    - Enter their email address
    - Click Update on the left side of the new row to complete adding the new row
    The new user appears in the list with a Status of Awaiting Activation.
  4. Click Activate / Deactivate Users.
  5. When the next screen appears:
    - In the Deactivated Users list, select the newly added user
    - Click Make Activated to add them the Activated Users list
  6. Click Return to Main Menu.
  7. Click Distribute Activation Codes to Users.
  8. In the section entitled 2. Select One or More Activated Users:
    - Select the newly added user
  9. In the section entitled 3. Send Your Letter:
    - Click Save Your Letter and Emails It to Selected Users
  10. Click Return to Main Menu.
  11. Click Logout.

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