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How to create a fill-in-the-blank question

In Setup Survey:
  1. Select the section that is to contain the fill-in-the-blank question.

  2. Select New Question from the button bar.
    Note: Alternatively you can right-click on the section and select New Question from the popup menu.

  3. Enter the question text in the Enter Your New Question dialog and select OK.
    Note: Make sure that the "Use same choices..." checkbox is unchecked.

  4. Do not enter any values in the Response Choices tab.
    Note: A fill-in-the-blank question gets created when no response choice values are specified.

  5. Select the Online Form Settings tab in the question properties sheet.

  6. Specify the response display setting and height/width settings to your preference.
    Note: Keep in mind that regardless of the physical size of the input field, the fill-in-the-blank field can accept up to 16,000 characters. It does this by scrolling as appropriate.

  7. Select OK to save the question.

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